Why We ♥️ Them
Smart People with Passion.

Smart Solutions for Smart Buildings

Let me introduce you to Attain. Technology Consultants who make buildings smarter. These masterminds manage to make IT, AV, wireless networks and security work together in your workplace, making it a smarter and effortless environment to conduct your business. We fell in love with their passion over Smart Buildings, and their energy was absolutely contagious. And thank goodness it was, because this brand just went through a massive overhaul.

The Need

It all started with a simple brand identity. Attain needed a fresh face. But in true KarmaDharma style, as we started uncovering the brand essence, values and mission we came to the conclusion with the client that some strategy was needed as well.

The Solution

Visual Identity 

Attain is dealing with some complex projects, balancing a lot of different technologies to assure they work together in a way that the client never has to worry or even think about it. They make Smart Building Technology simple for their clients and it is that simplicity that we wanted to convey in their visual identity.


When a company has so many expertise that they do so well, where do you start? The homepage of course. We were lucky enough to be able to do a full website overhaul including messaging and content. Since Attain’s clients are focused on so many different aspects of technology, our main priority was to be able to set up a website that you could navigate easily with many different “doors” to be able to keep up with client’s train of thought. Happy coincidence, we are ADHD friendly website (just jokes).  

Digital Campaigns

Alright, we got the shiny new logo and the fresh new website… it is time to drive some traffic there. 

For our digital campaigns we identified different streams of clients that we want to target such as Architects, Tenants, Owners, ect. and created two or three ads each that were A/B tested.

More Great Stuff...

Surely, we can not fit all this in one case study. Here are a couple more examples of the work we did for Attain. 

More Of Our Work


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