Are you (dis)respecting yourself?

You  ever find yourself shelving your life’s mission for what is comfortable? For what is seemingly dutiful? Do you feel you are living someone else’s purpose rather than your own? It happens to me. It happened today. I had carved out time this morning to write my blog. To create. Writing, for so many reasons, […]

What does a life of meaning look like to you? 

I spent so much of my life thinking small, thinking that I didn’t deserve better. Thinking, Who am I to contribute, to share, to be heard I haven’t done years of research on anyone topic, I don’t have a PhD at the end of my name.  But I do have two decades of trying to […]

Have we outgrown the era of Performance Improvement Plans?

“Who wants to be the leader?”  I smile as I scroll through the Zoom participants on my screen, wondering whom the instructor will select, yet intuitively knowing he will call my name.  “Karen, what about you?”  The invisible “I’ll go first” sign is something I’ve always carried–in life and in my career. I’ve naturally gravitated […]

Starved for connection

human connection

Connection We are simultaneously hardwired and starved for it. A recent study cited that over 50% of adults and nearly 80% of young adults admit to feeling lonely. Marginalized communities are even harder hit. (Learn more here.)  Vivek Murthy, Surgeon General of the United States, calls it a loneliness epidemic.  Ironically, this is an age […]

The power of a panic attack

Life has been quite full this past week…and may have even overflowed a little. I’ve been sick with what I thought was a common cold. Turned out in the end to be round three of COVID… I had a less-than-appetizing post-nasal drip that I just couldn’t shake.   After falling asleep Tuesday night, I woke up […]

The strength of eggshells

Walking on eggshells

Life at home during most of my youth was spent walking on eggshells. My mother and stepfather were what I call functional alcoholics. Work during the day, get drunk every night. Whenever my stepfather came home from work, my mood radar would turn into high gear. Was it a good day? A bad day? What […]