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Grenville Mutual Insurance, a legacy mutual insurance company, has had a steadfast presence in Eastern Ontario for 130 years. Focusing on rural communities, they offer specialized coverage for commercial and hobby farms, local businesses, homes, vehicles, and personal belongings. Their mutual model means they’re owned by policyholders, ensuring that premiums support the local economy and regional communities. Despite their rich history, they faced challenges in modernizing their operations and brand image.

the need.

Revitalize internal processes and strategies, ensuring their visual identity and brand messaging mirrored its new direction. We aimed to transform Grenville’s brand presence, making it more relevant and engaging for contemporary audiences while honouring its long-standing heritage.

the approach.

1. strategic development

Our collaboration began with intensive in-person strategy sessions. They were key to understanding Grenville's current state and establishing a new brand platform. We focused on refreshing their logo and brand messaging to better reflect their evolving identity and values.


Crafting a consistent brand voice and story encompassed leading their content strategy, including social media and blogs, to ensure a cohesive narrative across all platforms. Our aim was to communicate Grenville's values and services in a way that resonated with their target audience.


We took charge of Grenville's content strategy, focusing on increasing engagement and viewership by creating content for their social media platforms and blogs.

the outcome.

Our strategic approach led to a transformation in Grenville Mutual Insurance’s brand perception and outreach. The refreshed logo and brand messaging resonated with both existing and potential clients, reflecting the company’s commitment to its roots while embracing modernization.

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