Flow Restrictors

We moved into our house in 2009. It was our first house after living in a series of condos. We love this house. It has felt like home since day one. I still remember walking into the primary bedroom bathroom and loving the glass-walled shower. It was a sign. I always wanted one of these. […]

The power of a panic attack

Life has been quite full this past week…and may have even overflowed a little. I’ve been sick with what I thought was a common cold. Turned out in the end to be round three of COVID… I had a less-than-appetizing post-nasal drip that I just couldn’t shake.   After falling asleep Tuesday night, I woke up […]

I am not practical

A journey of self-discovery and finding peace in all the places we shine.

I am not practical…and I’m starting to make peace with that. In my last session with Margaux, or as I affectionately call her, The Coach Lady, we started diving into which roles I feel most energized in and which roles drain me the most. It turns out that being methodical and detail-oriented aren’t my jam, […]