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Marketing can’t save you.
October 9, 2018
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5 questions to ask your agency.

Blog 5 questions to ask your agency


The role of the traditional agency is shifting.

Gone are the days of Don Draper pitching creative. Today’s agencies aren’t even pitching creative – at least not in the old sense.  They need to pitch creativity.  Creativity in solutions that cross media, imagery, products and the customer journey.

So, put us in the hot seat. Here are 5 questions to ask your agency – or us, if you want to have a free consultation.

  1. What is your strategic process?
  2. How do you measure return on investment?
  3. What are the current trends for media and the market that we need to consider?
  4. Where should I spend more —or less?
  5. How does our work today fit our long-term goals?

Don't be shy. Ask away.

By Michelle Bell

Chief Marketing Officer