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The Road Ahead

Let’s shake the dust off and start planning. At times like this, it can be easy to follow the darker headlines. Hope and optimism have a call that is harder to hear. That said, we are not asking you to rely on hope. Let’s rely on the facts, the insights, the indisputable truths… Let’s get started.  

What do we know?

Fact:  This is not permanent.

Emotionally, it may feel like it will be, or perhaps has been. Rationally, we know there are several ways this can play out.  But regardless of which path, it does play out.

Fact:  It will not change overnight.

While it may fear as though the closing of businesses and the guidelines for social isolation happened “overnight”, a quick review of the news will remind us that our current situation was a journey. Somehow, it caught most of us by surprise. The way out does not have to be the same. Let’s be on the lookout.

Fact: This is not the new normal.  

This is a tricky one. There are “panic” behaviours that are starting to become normalized. For example, hoarding of canned goods, self staples and toilet paper. The panic behaviours will pass. But, the deeper cultural changes will stay.

As much as we need to focus on when and how COVID-19 will end, we need to give equal consideration to how consumer behaviour will be permanently impacted by it. 

Here are a few ways we think consumer behaviour will change:

1 – Online Channels

Let’s start with the easy one. Isolation has amplified our reliance on online channels.   More importantly, it has broadened our tolerance for what we are willing to buy online, and brought newbies into the mix. The need for online presence – and transactions has never been greater. 

2 – Remote Workforce

We will have finally answered the burning question of “did we really need to meet in person?”. For many, our jobs will naturally take us back out of our homes. For others, there will be a decision to be made between the couch and the cubicle. The impact of remote workers will dramatically impact our needs, as well as our foot traffic in stores. 

3 – Social Purpose

20 years from now, the COVID-19 business stories we will tell will be of the brands that took a stand and either rose to the challenge and fought the virus or bravely stayed home, and encouraged their consumers to do so as well. Trust has always been an important feature for brands, but we have never seen the market tested to this extreme. We will remember and repay those who put the community first and will look for this quality in brands even more so in the future. 

4 – Big Vs. Small

Small brands and smaller businesses have taken the biggest hit with COVID-19. Most do not have the supply chain or cash flow to pause gracefully, redirect manufacturing, or ad spend. As a result, the Goliaths have taken much of the spotlight. The smaller brands can come back, but it is a reminder that there is only so much share of mind, time and spends with consumers. 

5 – Patience

I admit it. Less than a month ago, I would be frustrated if my online order did not process immediately, with next day delivery and tracking along the way. Through this process, we have learned to chill, learn the difference of want vs. need, and the intricacies of the supply chain. I don’t know if this trend will last, but we hope that a little self-regulation and empathy will linger on and the brand can invest in processes and efficiencies that matter more. 

6 – Brand Loyalty

This is a tough one. We have seen the best and worst of brands. There have been shameless, opportunistic ads that have made me scorn some brands, and acts of heroism that have made me pledge allegiance to others. That said, desperate times call for desperate measures and with limited supply and trips out of the home, I have been willing to forgo my regulars.  Shamefully, I have learned to “love the one I am with”. This does not mean that brand is not important – it is a reminder that “ease of use” is a significant part of the brand health equation. 

7 – Survival vs. Sanity Products

Whether we admit it or not, we all have some complex 2 x 2 matrices running in our heads plotting our next “shopping trips”. While the government took a big step by classifying essential vs. non-essential business, it was riddled with loopholes, and we have been left to ask ourselves “is it really essential?”, and reflect on the merits of products we need to feel sane, and not just physically survive.  

So, what does that mean for marketers?

This list is long.  As unclear as the situation is, we are willing to bet that you know more than you think you know. There is more you can be doing to help stabilize, insulate, protect and maybe even grow your business. 

  1. Reevaluating your creative and media for the next few weeks, and the next few months as we learn to go back into business. 
  2. Reacquaint yourself with your consumers. What need do you solve? How has it changed? 
  3. Develop an omnichannel approach. How can you transition to, or accelerate your move to digital

Still not sure?

History has taught us that brands and businesses who “wait and see” in times of crisis often crumble at the end. Those who charge without a plan often trip and lose the faith of the public. Those who persevere with a strategy survive (and sometimes thrive). 

So, what now? What should your specific business do?

Good question. Give us a call. We are helping our community in the best way we can right now, and offering free consults to get you started.   

Please stay home, be kind and take care of your community in the best way you can right now.

Michelle Bell

Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle has over 18 years of experience in marketing and operations. She has worked in traditional brand management for global consumer packaged good brands. In addition, she has worked in marketing and business strategy for the public sector, including Canada 150 for the Royal Canadian Mint.

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Project Manager / Account Strategist

What we are looking for

We are looking for a purpose-driven creative mind that thrives in helping clients bring their projects and aspirations to life. You will work with our clients to help them develop their strategic direction and build the marketing plan to bring it to life. You will have the pleasure (for the most part 😁) of working closely with our internal team and partners consisting of traditional and digital marketing, creative and graphic design, web developers, as well as other areas of the agency. 

You will work very closely with our team to manage, schedule, organize, and help create and implement client strategy. You will be working with several accounts and need to be able to manage your time effectively and work well on tight deadlines. 

Company Overview

karmadharma is a creative agency that helps enterprising organizations who want to do better in the world, do better. (We also put this into action and try very hard to do better every day!) Because when do-gooders do good, the results for all will be extraordinary. Our Ottawa-based creative agency is looking for a like minded human to join us in this Marketing Coordinator role.

We are growing and are looking for passionate and qualified people to join our team of extraordinary and eclectic people.

We need you to

  • Be an awesome team member
  • Make a difference in the world (No pressure. 😁)
  • Become a trusted advisor to our clients
  • Understand client needs and find creative solutions to help them achieve their goals. 
  • Understand your client sector and its challenges in order to seize opportunity of growth and make the appropriate recommendations. 
  • Develop, implement and execute strategic marketing plans
  • Coordinate initiatives with internal team and partners, 
  • Ensure projects are within scope of work, budget and in line with their branding.
  • Manage your time judiciously 

We need your

  • Strong emotional intelligence and a growth mindset (If you know everything, we are not the right place for you.)
  • Ability to not take yourself too seriously
  • Ability to think creatively and innovatively, and anticipate client’s needs
  • Great understanding of traditional and emerging marketing channels
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline-sensitive environment, managing multiple tasks with varying priorities. 
  • Familiarity with the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in creative strategy, marketing, etc.
  • Great writing and communication skills in both French and English

Your know-how

  • A strong desire to make a positive impact in the world
  • A good head on your shoulders
  • Kindness, empathy and compassion
  • A minimum of 7 years experience in marketing strategy or any related field 
  • And if you are on a journey to become a better version of yourself, you probably fit the team! 

We offer

  • Permanent, full-time position
  • Flexible schedule;
  • Possibility of remote work;
  • Office located in the Westboro district, close to all services
  • Competitive salary according to experience and qualifications;
  • Benefits.
  • Professional training.
  • Unlimited time-off
  • Office close between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Please submit a resume that showcases the required responsibilities and skill sets above. 

Only those whose skills and qualifications closely match the requirements of this position will be contacted.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Michelle Bell

Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle is an intensely caring, and lovably nerdy, triple-threat: her creative, strategic & engineer brain are the perfect recipe for taking your organization to the next level.


Brian Mikula

Account Strategist

The entrepreneur, he will ‘tea’ you up for success (that would be more funny if you knew he founded a tea company). But seriously, this guy has a mind for marketing.

Assia Merazi

Creative Director

Mrs. Creative Worldwide hailing straight from Dubai, Assia is eager to unleash her strategic design genius on your brand. Yalla!

Jenna Araujo

Creative Lead

Jenna is the Swiss Army knife of creative…with a smile. She’s got a design solution for almost any problem accompanied by the most infectious giggle in the industry.


Account Coordinator

Gen will bring the energy to kick-start your project and the grit to see it through. Her conscience will find you the best strategy and probably save the planet along the way.


Creative Designer

Having done it all as a marketing freelancer, Jennifer applies a very thoughtful & practical mindset to her designs. She is the perfect combination of creative and cool in art and in life.

Karen Bramhill

Account Strategist

Artist, epidemiologist, operations specialist and true lover of life; Karen is a true polymath that brings a wealth of care and knowledge to every engagement. And for the record, ambiguity and her are not the best of friends.

Bárbara d’Oro

Content Strategist

Barbara is a journalist by trade who loves talking to people, asking great questions and giving a voice to their stories. Being Brazilian, she also loves a mean BBQ marathon at your local churrascaria.

A fresh coat of paint.

We are proud to have helped Nelligan Law refresh their look and feel. A refreshing take for a law firm, Nelligan decided to show off the more human side of their firm and their commitment to the community in their new identity. Watch the new promotional videos and see who the real hero of the story is.

Corporate Assets.

As part of a Brand Makeover for Nelligan, we created essential corporate elements, such as a website re-design, business cards, stationary, practice group guides and other marketing materials. Here is a just a taste of some of our work: 

The Campaign.

We hope you never have to call us…

Sometimes life can get messy. No one plans for this, but when it happens, you want the best on your side. These ads focus on those times. “We hope you never need us, but if you do..”

 Instead of putting our expertise and experience and the heart of the story, we chose to demonstrate our empathy and understanding for the difficulties facing our clients.Our clients are truly the heroes of our story.

Peter Georgariou

CEO & Founder

A Buddha-loving, health nut who races in Ironmans and runs marathons in his free time. He brings a bit of heart to each of his clients. Just wait and see how accurate that statement really is. 

Francesca Désulmé

Account Coordinator

Artist, communications enthusiast and social justice advocate, Francesca brings a plurality of lived experiences to the table. Organized, passionate and creative, she’ll help bring your projects to the next level.

Alan Horic

Senior Digital Ads Strategist

Alan is all-knowing (no joke) when it comes to deploying your digital marketing strategy; from search to display to Account-Based Marketing, he can turn your ads into a revenue generating machine.

Brent Martel

Web Development & Marketing Automation

Brent is our resident experts on making websites that convert and simplifying your marketing technology to make it work for you. Sounds good, right?

Rob Hyams

Chief Creative Officer

Rob has been building brands and campaigns since he came out of the womb…or at least that’s what it feels like. He has a rare gift; an ability to distill the complex into a succinct and compelling story.

We are all Care Givers.

The Montfort Hospital Foundation has been promoting the well-being of Eastern Ontario since 1986. It solicits, receives and administers funds that enable the Montfort Hospital to pursue its mission and achieve its objectives.

Recently the Foundation has launched a Regional Health Hub in Orleans that houses many specialists under one roof; an innovative evolution in healthcare creating a one-stop-shop for all your health needs.

The Need.

The Montfort Foundation was looking to tell, in a more compelling way, their story and the impact they were having in the community. 

Simultaneously, they were also looking to develop and execute a campaign strategy designed to increase awareness levels and donations for their new location and accompanying capital campaign for the Orléans Health Hub.

The Foundation's Identity.

Since the Foundation’s visual identity and narrative was hitherto directly tied to the hospital, we conducted an in-depth discovery phase, and developed a distinct design system that showcased how their work is directly impacting the efforts of the hospital to improve the health of the community.

Visual Identity

With a deep dive (and seemingly too many  post-its) into the vision and purpose of the Foundation,  “BonHomme” came to life; a symbol of care and support representing the role of the donor in the patient experience.


Previously the Foundations only online presence was on the Montfort Hospital’s website. It could be hard to find, navigate and  difficult to truly understand the role of the Foundation. As part of this new identity we created a donor-friendly website which clearly communicates the impact of how donor contributions are being used to improve patient care and staff satisfaction. 

The Campaign

We subsequently developed a donor-acquisition strategy which included campaign creative, paid digital campaigns, social media campaigns as well as video, display and television ads. 

Video Campaign - TV & Digital

After helping build the Case for Support for the Orleans Health Hub Capital Campaign, we developed a creative campaign to highlight the various services and benefits of this new local, innovative health hub. At the heart of the concept was a butterfly which spoke both to transformation of health services delivery as well as a the campaign itself taking flight. 

We are more than just a thrift store.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has been operating in Canada for over 175 years and is composed of 800 conferences (chapters) across Canada. They help more than 350,000 people each year providing home visits to the isolated and material support in the form of non-perishable food, clothes, household items and furniture to individuals and families. The Society also provides assistance to refugees, immigrants, and northern communities. That’s what I am talking about. We love what they do and could not wait to get started. 

The Need.

The Society was looking to broaden the awareness of the work they do, and their donor base beyond their aging membership in order to continue their much needed work for the next 175 years.

the solution.


We created a new, modernized, donor friendly website that tells the story of the Society in a more compelling way integrating key points from their Case for Support.

Digital Campaign

We then deployed a series of digital campaigns and creative for various events (World Day of the Poor, Giving Tuesday, Christmas, etc.) throughout the year that ran on Facebook targeting Catholics across Canada to increase their donor base and website donations.

Print Campaign

We created a series of print assets to support the Society including an ad for the 2021 Ottawa Business Journal Giving Guide, New Donor Welcome Package and Monthly Donor Program.