Purpose with a Company vs. Company with a Purpose


Author —Auteur — karmadharma

There’s a big difference between these statements. The distinction matters most when it comes to organizational direction, employee engagement, stakeholder relations, and long-term sustainability. 

Let’s explore the difference. 


Purpose with a Company

This is when the mission predates the company itself. The founder(s), driven by a passion or a cause, create the company as a vehicle to achieve their purpose. It’s the very soul of their enterprise. It stems from the business model, organizational culture, and strategic direction.


Company with a Purpose

This implies that the company already exists and, at some point in its journey, identifies or adopts a purpose to steer its direction. This purpose could be a reaction to market dynamics, a strategic decision to differentiate from competitors, or a genuine evolution of the company’s vision and intent.

For these companies, the purpose is a guiding star aligning the efforts of its team and strengthening its brand identity. However, there may be a more significant challenge in truly integrating it into every aspect of the business.


Why This Distinction Matters

Employee Engagement and Culture: For companies birthed from a purpose, employees often feel a deep connection to it, which can lead to higher engagement and satisfaction. For companies that adopt a purpose later, the integration can sometimes take longer to embed within the organizational culture.

Stakeholder Relations: Companies birthed from a purpose often find it easier to demonstrate their authenticity to stakeholders, customers, and investors. 

Long-term Strategy and Resilience: Purpose-driven companies often show a longer-term strategic view tied closely to their foundational mission. They may be more resilient in the face of challenges, given that profit is not their sole motivator.

karmadharma was born on the basis of helping companies that do good in the world do even better. We wanted to create a lasting ripple effect that our children will be proud of. Additionally, we wanted to create a positive environment where our team members  and clients feel valued, heard, and seen as integral parts of our mission. 

We’re proud to be a purpose with a company and encourage all budding entrepreneurs to channel their values into a business so they can witness first-hand the incredible game-changing possibilities. 



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