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Thissss is howwww we doooo it.
- Montell Jordan


  • Planification stratégique
  • Stratégie de marque
  • Stratégie de collecte de fonds
  • Étude de marché
  • Stratégie de contenu
  • Coaching
  • Interface utilisateur/Expérience utilisateur


  • Audit de la marque
  • Système de conception de la marque
  • Message de marque
  • Idée et création de campagnes de pub


  • Planification annuelle
  • Publicité numérique
  • Conception et développement du site Web
  • Marketing par médias sociaux
  • Gestion de contenu
  • Rédaction

karmadharma en action

notre travail.

Nous sommes reconnaissants et humblement honorés de travailler avec nos clients. Nous sommes fiers de compter parmi eux ceux qui nous ont été fidèles depuis l’ouverture de notre entreprise.

Notre travail comprend des projets d’envergure ainsi que des partenariats à long terme, dans lesquels nous sommes une extension intégrée de l’équipe marketing.

Examinez notre sélection d’études de cas approfondies et constatez l’incidence positive que nous avons eue sur les clients qui nous ont intégrés dans leur organisation.

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We are more than just a thrift store.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has been operating in Canada for over 175 years and is composed of 800 conferences (chapters) across Canada. They help more than 350,000 people each year providing home visits to the isolated and material support in the form of non-perishable food, clothes, household items and furniture to individuals and families. The Society also provides assistance to refugees, immigrants, and northern communities. That’s what I am talking about. We love what they do and could not wait to get started. 

The Need.

The Society was looking to broaden the awareness of the work they do, and their donor base beyond their aging membership in order to continue their much needed work for the next 175 years.

the solution.


We created a new, modernized, donor friendly website that tells the story of the Society in a more compelling way integrating key points from their Case for Support.

Digital Campaign

We then deployed a series of digital campaigns and creative for various events (World Day of the Poor, Giving Tuesday, Christmas, etc.) throughout the year that ran on Facebook targeting Catholics across Canada to increase their donor base and website donations.

Print Campaign

We created a series of print assets to support the Society including an ad for the 2021 Ottawa Business Journal Giving Guide, New Donor Welcome Package and Monthly Donor Program.

We are all Care Givers.

The Montfort Hospital Foundation has been promoting the well-being of Eastern Ontario since 1986. It solicits, receives and administers funds that enable the Montfort Hospital to pursue its mission and achieve its objectives.

Recently the Foundation has launched a Regional Health Hub in Orleans that houses many specialists under one roof; an innovative evolution in healthcare creating a one-stop-shop for all your health needs.

The Need.

The Montfort Foundation was looking to tell, in a more compelling way, their story and the impact they were having in the community. 

Simultaneously, they were also looking to develop and execute a campaign strategy designed to increase awareness levels and donations for their new location and accompanying capital campaign for the Orléans Health Hub.

The Foundation's Identity.

Since the Foundation’s visual identity and narrative was hitherto directly tied to the hospital, we conducted an in-depth discovery phase, and developed a distinct design system that showcased how their work is directly impacting the efforts of the hospital to improve the health of the community.

Visual Identity

With a deep dive (and seemingly too many  post-its) into the vision and purpose of the Foundation,  “BonHomme” came to life; a symbol of care and support representing the role of the donor in the patient experience.


Previously the Foundations only online presence was on the Montfort Hospital’s website. It could be hard to find, navigate and  difficult to truly understand the role of the Foundation. As part of this new identity we created a donor-friendly website which clearly communicates the impact of how donor contributions are being used to improve patient care and staff satisfaction. 

The Campaign

We subsequently developed a donor-acquisition strategy which included campaign creative, paid digital campaigns, social media campaigns as well as video, display and television ads. 

Video Campaign - TV & Digital

After helping build the Case for Support for the Orleans Health Hub Capital Campaign, we developed a creative campaign to highlight the various services and benefits of this new local, innovative health hub. At the heart of the concept was a butterfly which spoke both to transformation of health services delivery as well as a the campaign itself taking flight. 

I am the fight.

One in eight Canadian women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. The Cure Foundation’s mission is to educate on prevention, invest in treatment and fund support for patients. Funding this mission meant increasing those donations… mission accomplished. National Denim Day is the Cure Foundation’s leading source of donations. In conjunction, we built a campaign that had strong messaging, for strong women. Our main goal was to transition from traditional marketing such as billboards and pamphlets to digital campaigns and online crowd funding.

Going Digital.

We wanted to build a movement, an army of people to gather and share their support for the fight against Breast Cancer. We shifted online to give a platform for our warriors, and it worked. We sparked conversation and inspiration for groups participating, so they could go beyond what individuals were doing to the larger community.

As part of our digital campaign, we built Videos, Google Ads, Organic and Paid for Social and more. Through these campaigns we were able to generate 60,911 click-throughs, contributing to an increase in overall website traffic by 198%.

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Social Highlights.

  • We took to social media, having two hashtags trending across Canada (#IAmTheFight & #NationalDenimDay).
  • We were able to hand out ribbons on parliament, featuring Trudeau and Singh on social post – showing their support.
  • Our Campaign Ambassadors shared their stories and sparked some conversation.
  • Groups gathering in offices all across Canada were able to share how they were raising money and why it was important – our warriors hard at work.

Crowd Funding.

By going digital, we were able to tap into a whole new demographic. And the results speak for themselves. There was nearly 4x as many active campaigns, generating an increase of more than 250% in donations, just from crowd funding.


With stories that have this much heart, sometimes you just need to hear it from the front-lines. We put together footage from women telling their stories first-hand and were able to reach 4.7M million on YouTube. 

Smart Solutions for Smart Buildings.

Let me introduce you to Attain. Technology Consultants who make buildings smarter. These masterminds manage to make IT, AV, wireless networks and security work together in your workplace, making it a smarter and effortless environment to conduct your business. We fell in love with their passion over Smart Buildings, and their energy was absolutely contagious. And thank goodness it was, because this brand just went through a massive overhaul.

The Need.

It all started with a simple brand identity. Attain needed a fresh face. But in true KarmaDharma style, as we started uncovering the brand essence, values and mission we came to the conclusion with the client that some strategy was needed as well.

The Solution.

Visual Identity

Attain is dealing with some complex projects, balancing a lot of different technologies to assure they work together in a way that the client never has to worry or even think about it. They make Smart Building Technology simple for their clients and it is that simplicity that we wanted to convey in their visual identity.


When a company has so many expertise that they do so well, where do you start? The homepage of course. We were lucky enough to be able to do a full website overhaul including messaging and content. Since Attain’s clients are focused on so many different aspects of technology, our main priority was to be able to set up a website that you could navigate easily with many different “doors” to be able to keep up with client’s train of thought. Happy coincidence, we are ADHD friendly website (just jokes).  

Digital Campaigns

Alright, we got the shiny new logo and the fresh new website… it is time to drive some traffic there. 

For our digital campaigns we identified different streams of clients that we want to target such as Architects, Tenants, Owners, ect. and created two or three ads each that were A/B tested.

More Great Stuff...

Surely, we can not fit all this in one case study. Here are a couple more examples of the work we did for Attain. 

A fresh coat of paint.

We are proud to have helped Nelligan Law refresh their look and feel. A refreshing take for a law firm, Nelligan decided to show off the more human side of their firm and their commitment to the community in their new identity. Watch the new promotional videos and see who the real hero of the story is.

Corporate Assets.

As part of a Brand Makeover for Nelligan, we created essential corporate elements, such as a website re-design, business cards, stationary, practice group guides and other marketing materials. Here is a just a taste of some of our work: 

The Campaign.

We hope you never have to call us…

Sometimes life can get messy. No one plans for this, but when it happens, you want the best on your side. These ads focus on those times. “We hope you never need us, but if you do..”

 Instead of putting our expertise and experience and the heart of the story, we chose to demonstrate our empathy and understanding for the difficulties facing our clients.Our clients are truly the heroes of our story.

Rob Hyams

Directeur de la création

Rob a construit des marques et des campagnes depuis qu’il est venu au monde… ou du moins c’est ce que l’on ressent. Il a un don rare; une capacité à distiller le complexe dans une histoire succincte et convaincante.

Brent Martel

Stratégie de site web

Brent est notre expert résident dans la création de sites Web qui convertissent et simplifient votre technologie marketing pour qu’elle fonctionne pour vous. Ça sonne bien, non?

Alan Horic

Stratégie numérique

Alan sait tout (sans blague) lorsqu’il s’agit de déployer votre stratégie de marketing numérique; de la recherche à l’affichage en passant par le marketing basé sur les comptes, il peut transformer vos annonces en une machine génératrice de revenus.

Francesca Désulmé

Gestionnaire de comptes

Artiste, passionnée du monde des communications et défenseuse des enjeux sociaux, la force de Francesca repose dans l’ensemble de ses expériences. Elle saura mener vos projets à terme grâce à son enthousiasme, sa créativité et son sens de l’organisation.

Peter Georgariou

Fondateur et directeur général

Adepte de Bouddha, passionné de diététique, Peter aime participer à des épreuves d’Ironman et de marathon pendant son temps libre. À chaque instant, Peter est un homme de cœur qui sait poser les bonnes questions. Faites-nous confiance…

Bárbara d’Oro

Stratège de contenu

Barbara est une journaliste de profession qui adore parler aux gens, poser de bonnes questions et donner une voix à leurs histoires. Étant brésilienne, elle ne dira jamais non à une sortie BBQ à une churrascaria du coin.

Michelle Bell

Directrice marketing

Michelle possède une nature attentionnée et une personnalité adorablement intello en plus d’une triple compétence dans les domaines créatif, stratégique et de l’ingénierie : la recette parfaite pour aider votre organisation à atteindre de nouveaux sommets, quoi!

Karen Bramhill

Directrice de l'expérience client

Artiste, épidémiologiste, spécialiste des opérations et véritable amoureuse de la vie; Karen est un véritable génie universel qui apporte une richesse d’attention et de connaissances à chacune des choses qu’elle entreprend. Sachez seulement que l’ambiguïté et elle ne font pas bon ménage. And for the record, ambiguity and her are not the best of friends.


Conception graphique et créativité

Ayant touché à tout en tant que pigiste marketing, Jennifer travaille de façon très réfléchie et pratique pour ses créations. Elle est la combinaison parfaite de créativité et style, que ce soit dans l’art ou dans la vie.


Gestionnaire de comptes

Gen apporte l’énergie pour lancer votre projet et la détermination pour le mener à terme. De sa conscience émergeront votre meilleure stratégie et quelques solutions pour sauver la planète.

Jenna Araujo

Directrice artistique et conceptuelle

Jenna a une créativité aussi polyvalente qu’une boîte à outils… tout ça, avec un sourire! Elle a une solution design pour tout problème; en plus d’avoir le rire le plus contagieux du milieu.