Celebrating B Corp Month


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While we’re inviting you to celebrate B Corp month, we’re very aware you may never have heard of this. Here’s a little rundown that’ll explain just how amazing it is to be B Corp certified and why all these businesses are worthy of celebration. 

What is a B Corp?

B Corps are businesses committed to being the best in the world and for the world. They meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. It’s a global movement redefining success in business, ensuring that companies balance profit with purpose.

The Essence of B Corp Month

Celebrating B Corp Month is about acknowledging and supporting these trailblazers in sustainable business. Here’s why this celebration matters:

Innovation in Action: B Corps lead by example, showcasing how business can be a force for good.

Community and Solidarity: This month fosters a sense of unity among businesses and individuals striving for a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Inspiration for Change: Learning about the achievements of B Corps can motivate others to adopt similar practices.

Empowerment Through Knowledge: Understanding the impact of B Corps empowers consumers and businesses to make informed choices that support a healthier planet and society.

Why You Should Care

The principles of B Corp affect everyone. They’re about fostering a world where businesses contribute positively to society, the environment is cared for, and workplaces thrive. Whether you’re a consumer, business owner, or simply someone who dreams of a better future, B Corp values resonate with a universal desire for meaningful change.

How to Join the Celebration

It’s simpler than you might think. Start by exploring B Corps in your area or online. Choose their products and spread the word. Every action, no matter how small, contributes to a larger impact.

B Corp Month is both a celebration and a call to action. It invites us all to be part of a movement that redefines business success and works towards a sustainable and inclusive future. Discover the world of B Corps and see how we can make a difference together.



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