The Endless Pursuit of a Better Tomorrow

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Colonialism left a horrifying mark on Indigenous peoples, something we as a society have nowhere near rectified. Their vibrant tradition, wisdom, and community stands as a testament to their resilience in the face of external pressures and upheavals. At karmadharma, we are constantly recognizing the importance of understanding, respecting, and being empathetic toward the profound […]

Flow Restrictors

We moved into our house in 2009. It was our first house after living in a series of condos. We love this house. It has felt like home since day one. I still remember walking into the primary bedroom bathroom and loving the glass-walled shower. It was a sign. I always wanted one of these. […]

Are you (dis)respecting yourself?

You  ever find yourself shelving your life’s mission for what is comfortable? For what is seemingly dutiful? Do you feel you are living someone else’s purpose rather than your own? It happens to me. It happened today. I had carved out time this morning to write my blog. To create. Writing, for so many reasons, […]

karmadharma Origin Story and Manifesto

KarmaDharma staff

The spark that ultimately lit the fire that is now karmadharma started 20 years ago in a psychiatrist’s chair. Dr. Gil Zimmerman, to be precise. I was 28 years old and recently decided to walk away from everything and everyone I knew for a shot at love, a shot at normalcy.  What I left behind: […]

Any Rubber Chickens Lying Around in Your Life?

We live in a two-story brick house in a quiet residential neighbourhood. When you walk in the front door, the foyer opens up directly onto the stairs that lead up to the second floor, where all the bedrooms are. A few months ago, the girls were playing with Charlotte, our 8.5-pound Morkie (that’s a dog […]

What does a life of meaning look like to you? 

I spent so much of my life thinking small, thinking that I didn’t deserve better. Thinking, Who am I to contribute, to share, to be heard I haven’t done years of research on anyone topic, I don’t have a PhD at the end of my name.  But I do have two decades of trying to […]