The strength of eggshells

Walking on eggshells

Life at home during most of my youth was spent walking on eggshells. My mother and stepfather were what I call functional alcoholics. Work during the day, get drunk every night. Whenever my stepfather came home from work, my mood radar would turn into high gear. Was it a good day? A bad day? What […]

I am not practical

A journey of self-discovery and finding peace in all the places we shine.

I am not practical…and I’m starting to make peace with that. In my last session with Margaux, or as I affectionately call her, The Coach Lady, we started diving into which roles I feel most energized in and which roles drain me the most. It turns out that being methodical and detail-oriented aren’t my jam, […]

What the Fawkes?

When the hell am I going to have life figured out? When will I stop feeling like an imposter? When will I stop needing validation? When will I have the courage to do me? Fully? Completely? For those who are infinitely curious and always looking to evolve, you already know that answering these questions is […]