Analyse des données de donateurs – Que mesurer et pourquoi ?

Il existe une myriade de paramètres mesurables. Avec une telle pression de se « baser sur les données » et de mesurer tout ce que l’on peut, il est facile d’être attiré par ce terme de métrique tant à la mode. Pourtant, tout comme l’ignorance peut coûter cher, des données éparpillées peuvent être tout aussi dangereuses.

Donor Data

Donor Data is the key to Cultivation, Retention and Stewardship. The amount of data that is generated by every one of us is extraordinary. In 2020, each of us are expected to generate 1.7 megabytes of data every second. Data is not just the new normal, it is the path to innovation and future growth. Despite its power and ubiquity, many NFPs are not using it – at least its full capability.

Data Culture. The Trump Card.

You have undoubtedly heard a great deal about the increasing need for data analytics across the charitable sector. What we don’t hear as much is the need for a data-driven culture.

Beyond The Data: The Psychology Of Fundraising

Make no mistake. We love data. We trust data. We believe in data…. But we also believe in the power of human emotions. Data has become so powerful in mapping and predicting human behaviour, we often lose touch with the hearts and minds driving the behaviour. So, let’s look at both – what does the data tell us about donor behaviour and what is the soft side of what is driving that behaviour.

Donor Retention. Why it matters and what you need to do.

The importance of donor retention is not new. Every site, conference and article in the non-profit sector touts the importance of nurturing the donors that you have. So do we. So what now? Let’s go a little deeper – and really understand why it matters and more importantly, what you can do about it.